TextEncrypt Example

TextEncrypt Example Run (Windows Version)

For this example, we have "Include Password" checked, do not check this when you are using this for real. ;)

Example SETTINGS for TextEncrypt
Example SETTINGS for TextEncrypt

Use the settings above to get the results below.

Enter the TEXT you want to encrypt, then the PASSWORD you want to use:

Example ENCRYPT Screen for TextEncrypt
Example ENCRYPT Screen for TextEncrypt

Then click the "Copy To Clipboard" button, and you're ready.

Example OUTPUT Screen for TextEncrypt
Example OUTPUT Screen for TextEncrypt

The text below is what you would send via email, text message, twitter, facebook, etc...
Noone will know what you just sent unless they know the password.


To DECRYPT this message, use the link below:
Online DECRYPT Link

If you have the TextEncrypt App, you can paste this entire message into the DECRYPT box.

Password: abc123

  • Notes:
    • Line Breaks Added: For this example we added line breaks in the encrypted text to be more mobile friendly, but it still works if you paste it into the decrypt system.)
    • Link Text Changed: For this example we updated the link text above to be more mobile friendly (It shows as: Online DECRYPT Link), but you can click on it to see. Normally it shows the full link)